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Cello Playing for Music Lovers is divided into four parts:

  • Part One begins before you start playing. It helps you acquire a cello, a musical vocabulary and other essentials.
  • Parts Two and Three explain how to read music and how to play songs you like by ear.
  • Part Four introduces more theory and higher cello positions. It details the essentials for success when exploring chamber music with other amateurs.

The 212 page book progresses step by step, dealing with notes, fingerings and bowings, scales and chords and songs. It teaches you how to read music, and also explains how to locate songs on the cello by ear.

It provides over sixty lovely familiar melodies to play (some excerpted) including folk songs, like “On Top of Old Smoky,” hymns, like “Amazing Grace,” Broadway songs like “Some Enchanted Evening,” and classical standards, like a Bach Prelude and Sarabande.

The accompanying  CD  played by Erik Friedlander demonstrates the 116 musical figures in the book. The book is arranged so that, depending on your previous experience and background, you can skip around in it, focusing just on the chapters that are of interest to you.

 Selections from the included play-along CD
Cellist: Erik Friedlander
(Click to stop, or play, music.)
 Selections from the included play-along CD
Cellist: Erik Friedlander
(tap to play, or stop, music.)
 Selections from included play-along CD
Cellist: Erik Friedlander
(tap to play, or stop, music.)


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Table of Contents:

List of Included Songs:

Part 1: Basics

. . . from Ch. 3: Naming Cello Parts

. . . from Ch. 6: Using the Bow

Part 2: Playing Songs You Love

. . . from Ch. 8: The Left Hand, Building Scales … Notes and Rhythms

. . . from Ch. 9: Playing More Scale-Based Songs

  Play Figure 9.6 audio: “Amazing Grace” (0:50)

Part 3: Intermediate

. . . from Ch. 13: Chord Elements

. . . from Ch. 13: Arpeggios

  Play Figure 13.4 audio: Arpeggios (1:00)

. . . from Ch. 13: Broken Chords

. . . from Ch. 13: …[elements] as used in Schumann’s “Traumerei”

  Play Figure 13.13 audio: “Traumerei” (1:15)

Part 4: Advanced

. . . from Ch. 16: Fourth Position

. . . from Ch. 20: Improvising

. . . from Ch. 20: Improvising

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