Reviewers’ Comments

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“Your book is beautifully and very comprehensively put together. I particularly enjoy the fact of so much music available right from the beginning. The photos are excellent as is the CD. With DVDs being that much more easily produced it’s something to think about for the future, but for now the book is very fine indeed as it is.

While it is intended to be a comprehensive companion for the beginning work, it may very well also stimulate a person to indeed seek a teacher as well. Conversely, for the adult already working with a teacher, it could prove very helpful for those questions which arise between lessons. It is really an excellent contribution altogether and reflects the care and thought you have put into it.”

~ Bonnie Hampton, cello faculty, college division, Juilliard School of Music

“I received your book on Wednesday.  I have really enjoyed reading it.  I am about 1/3 of the way through and it has already clarified some things for me that I did not fully understand.  My instructor is not the best at communicating the why of some of the things she tells me to do.

She had traveling planned for this winter and I may not get another lesson til January, so I expect your book will fill the gap in more ways than one.  Also, I have been trying to play with the least amount of pressure as possible with the left hand and put more weight into my bowing and the results are amazing.  Thank you so much for your accurate diagnosis of my problem given so little information! For me playing the cello is a productive and satisfying way to spend what little extra time I have.  I wish all the friends who have “envied” me for taking up an instrument at my age would take the plunge themselves. Thanking God for you this morning.”

~ Beth Barham

“First of all, I’d like to thank the author for writing this book. As an adult beginner who doesn’t like to spend a fortune on private lessons (although I admit the benefit of it), this is the god-send book for me. It’s well paced and easily understood. I couldn’t find any other books to replace this one, and with other practice-oriented books (such as suzuki), I find it very helpful to use both to complete my practice routine!”

~ ES “cello lover” (Yale University)

“Most music literature is directed towards children and often adult beginners can feel discouraged or belittled. Cello Playing for Music Lovers fills this void for aspiring adults. [The book] guides the student in a relaxed and entertaining manner. … A special feature of the book is the transcriptions for the cello of many popular songs that have not been widely available in past sources.  The book … significantly expands the repertoire for beginning cellists, allowing them to gain experience with the cello while enjoying familiar tunes. Vera Jiji gives detailed explanations of how to approach the musical examples in the book. She thus enables the beginning cellist to get started on the instrument without a teacher, if necessary. This is not just a great manual for students but also for teachers of adult beginners who seek a more wide-ranging source.”

~ Diliana Momtchilova, DMA, Juilliard School

“Hello Vera – Just to thank you for your book. I’ve started playing the cello few weeks ago and I am using your book as a reference. Last week I had my first lesson with a teacher and he was also well impressed by the way I played and the easiness of your method. So… Thanks!”

~ Marco Berini, Italy

“I’ve worked my way through the entirety of your book. Along with it I mixed in some other books, which I’m still working with, but none of them are as enjoyable as yours, and honestly I think I learned more about playing from yours. Thank you.”

~ Dana Pence

“‘Cello Playing for Music Lovers’ arrived and after reading only the first 4 chapters I want to say “Thank You” for retiring early to return to your cello, and for producing a truly top quality book. I like your lucidity, encouragement, and confidence that we seniors ought not to back off from approaching the cello, and that we can make it if we just practice. Your writing style and instructions are extraordinary – some of the best I’ve ever read! Just reading your book gives me joy.”

~ Charles Benedetti

“It’s terrific and long overdue advice for people at any age and I think what you’ve done is marvelous with many truly inspiring sections. Your general emphasis on physical relaxation and enjoyment of the process seems right on the mark for me . . . It would be good to encourage this target group to investigate simply to improve their quality of life!”

~ Rolf Gjelsten,  cellist, New Zealand String Quartet

“I don’t know of another book like this one for cellists with this mix of adult-beginner orientation, conversational style, widely-known examples from popular culture, a demonstration CD, and introductory discussions of concepts such as relaxation, dynamics, factors in choice of bowings and fingerings, modulations, and modes. … I certainly did not find anything in the content controversial or likely to lead a beginning student astray. … The way I see it, the more a student knows outside of lessons, the more the teacher can cover other things during the lesson. For less than the price of a single lesson, CPML covers the basic cello-facts through 4th position, and can be a source of inspiration for individual enjoyment and exploration. But perhaps the best use of the book would be by teachers. My teacher, who has quite a few adult students, has looked through it, was favorably impressed, and expects to borrow it when I come back for my next lesson. I wonder if I’ll get it back.”

~ Chiddler, Member, Internet Cello Society, Cello by Night Forum
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“I received my copy Tuesday. Your instructions are rewarding and insights a revelation. I will be 80 years old this April and have learned more helpful things than all my previous efforts that began a year and a half ago. Thank you,Vera.”

~ Leonard S.

“What a great idea to write a book about playing the cello using the book as a teacher. This book can open up the wonderful world of music, and performing music, to just about anyone. By using photographs and tips about how to hold the bow and cello, the author makes it possible to learn how to play, first simple melodies, then more complicated music. She uses a logical progression of instruction, adding comments about many facets of playing when appropriate. Now that there are increasing numbers of people retiring, it’s great that a book like this can enable almost anyone to enter the creative world of performing music, and for a while leave the current passive scene of “entertainment.” You might say, “Don’t just sit there, play the cello!”

~ David Obelkevich,  NYC High School Music Teacher (retired)

“5 out of 5: Absolutely fabulous.”    ~ Joy B.

“5 out of 5: The book is really great. I am a cellist “re-beginner” and the books fits like a glove with clear explanations. My only suggestion is that the book would be even greater if it had a set of short videos (at least for covering technical issues such as positioning of the cello, fingering, and so forth). It is the BEST cello Method for adult beginners ever!”    ~ Lauro

“5 out of 5: Really love this book and the repertoire selected for practice. It’s enjoyable. It seems that your friend is sharing the skills and experiences with you. Thanks, Jiji.”    ~ Kwok M.

“5 out of 5: WOW, shipped super fast. Perfect condition. Thanks can’t wait to start playing.”    ~ cheinzmann

“5 out of 5: Excellent Service – Excellent Book!”    ~ nicoleva

“5 out of 5: Impressive customer service & delivery time. Extremely satisfied.”    ~ Aaron C.

“I would like to thank you for your book : very interesting and very util. I study cello for 8 months….and follow your text with good results. very thanks.”    ~ Giulio S.