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Playing the cello, on any level, will give anyone who loves music enormous satisfaction. If you always wished you could do it “in your next life,” do it now.

Like many people who took music lessons during childhood, I feared that my musical knowledge had been completely lost. I can tell you from personal experience that your childhood musical training is tucked away in the back of your brain, just as my cello was hidden in the back of my closet.

Other people who never studied music in childhood won’t even try in adulthood; they feel so overwhelmed by the prospect. They believe that, unless you studied music as a child, it is impossible to learn later on. That is simply not true. Playing music is one of life’s most glorious experiences. Nobody should be deprived of it, especially through an unwarranted fear of music’s difficulties.

If you want to learn how to  play the cello, this comprehensive, clearly written 212 page book provides all essential instructions from basics to Bach, from selecting an instrument to playing in chamber music groups. It contains over 100 musical  illustrations, including over 60 lovely melodies from popular to gospel to show tunes to classical classics. The included CD, performed by popular cello virtuoso Erik Friedlander, enables you to hear and play along with virtually every musical selection in the book.

For less than the cost of a single private lesson, it teaches you to:

  • Control your cello and bow
  • Read music notes and rhythms
  • Play many beautiful melodies both by reading and by ear
  • Understand major and minor scales
  • Appreciate musical structures: chords, arpeggios, modulations and improvisations
  • Use cello positions one through four
  • Enjoy playing with others.

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… my most important teacher is Cello Playing for Music Lovers, by Vera Mattlin Jiji. “Music Lovers” is a euphemism for “older beginners” and this is definitely the method book for someone starting in over fifty, like me. Jiji’s book assumes no musical background, and unlike a lot of books that make that claim it actually delivers on the details, with excellent explanations of the basics of tuning, holding, and playing the cello.” – Jim M., Rochester, NY [read more]

This is the best cello instruction book I have seen. It is well written, well organized and easy to follow. The CD is outstanding as well… This book is better than advertised. If you want to learn to play the cello or are beginning to learn, buy this book!!”   – George, Columbus, OH

5 out of 5 stars – Incredible !!!, Self Empowering. This book is the dream information source, for a 64 yo Cello player, who had been playing by ear. I feel like this author walked around in my head, compared notes (mature beginners) and wrote what I consider, the perfect instruction for self teaching adults. WOW!!! I can now really study, stand outside of myself and understand what I have been doing, become self-correcting. This is a book that is very self empowering.”   – Deirdre G., Philadelphia, PA

5 out of 5 stars – A Fantastic Journey for me and my Cello. I started learning the cello six weeks ago. I live in a part of East Texas with no instructor available so I bought a level 1 book at the local music store. After about a week, I had more questions and no answers. I spent a few hours on the Internet and learned of Vera Jiji’s wonderful book. I ordered it and received it the next day from Amazon. I immediately found the book answering my questions. The book is easy to understand and follow…Have no doubts, if you are learning the Cello, you will love this book!”   – Michael L., Jefferson, TX

5 out of 5 stars – Perfect, Perfect. The book was delivered almost 12 days before the scheduled time and in perfect conditions. Easy reading and comprehension even for a neophyte on the instrument.”   – Eddie R., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Many years ago, I studied and played bass. Then, of course, life intervened and I have not touched an instrument (other than to pick out a few chords on the piano occasionally) for over 35 years. I’ve decided to take up an instrument again and I chose the cello . . . When I sought a book from which to learn, I chose yours. It has been immensely helpful . . . I’m approaching age 60 and my cello will give me pleasure. Thank you.” – Nick B., CT

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Cello Playing for Music Lovers

Cello Playing for Music Lovers

by Vera Mattlin Jiji