Standards for measuring progress-Level One


Performance Requirements

Scales and Arpeggios

  • Memorized
  • Metronome: Quarter = 60-69

Student chooses one from each category and its equivalent tonic arpeggio:

  • One-octave major scale in G, or D (starting on open strings), or F.
  • Two-octave major scale in C.
  • Bowing for scales: Separate quarter notes, or slur two eighths. Use half or whole bows.
  • Bowing for arpeggios: Separate quarter notes.
  • Half or whole bows for all.

Etudes or Pieces

  • Two total showing different styles. At least one of the two must have 16 or more measure without repeats. Memorized.


  • None

Recommended goals for Level 1

  • Good posture, good left-hand position and bow hold
  • Good intonation and correct rhythm
  • Pizzicato
  • Bowings: détaché, staccato, legato
  • Awareness of bow division
  • Meters: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4

Examples of Music Suitable for Level 1

Note: Teachers may choose any other works of comparable level.

Scale Books:

  • Charles Forbes: Cello Scales and Arpeggios (Galaxy/SCH)
  • Galamian-Jensen: Scale System for Cello (Galaxy/SCH)
  • Klengel: Technical Studies, Book 1 (SCH)

Etudes and Technical

  • Benoy/Burrows: The First Year Violoncello Method (PAX)
  • Dotzauer-Grant: Fundamentals of Violoncello Technique (Ludwig)
  • DELFeuillard: Method for the Young Violoncellist, Lessons 6-13
  • Grant: Beginners Guide to the Cello, Vol. 1 (Ludwig)
  • Krane: New School of Cello Studies (Spratt)


  • Applebaum: Minuet from A. Magdalena’s Notebook (BM)
  • Applebaum: Minuet (BM)
  • Bartles: Seven Easy Pieces for Beginning Cellists (B&H)
  • Bay: Fun with the Cello (Mel Bay)
  • Etling: Solo Time for Strings (Alfred)
  • Fletcher: New Tunes for Strings (BM)
  • Grant: Easy Solos in First Position (Ludwig)
  • Schlemueller: Six Easy Concert Pieces in First Position, Op. 12 (CF)
  • Schlemueller: Six Easy Solo Pieces in First Position, Op. 14 (CF)
  • Squire: In Dreamland (C.F.)
  • Suzuki: Cello School, Bk 1 (Summy-Birchard)

Reposted from January 2008