A movie about loving music

“August Rush” is a new release, a fairy tale of a movie about loving music that features a cello playing Mom, a guitar playing Dad and their child who seems to be more precocious than Mozart, since Mozart’s Dad taught him everything, while this little boy, separated from his parents at birth, knows how to play a guitar and organ at first sight without having had any prior instruction. However, if you can totally suspend your disbelief, it’s a charming fairy tale with a happy ending.

The cello playing Mom is played by Keri Russell. In an interview in the Chicago Sun Times on Nov. 25th, the film’s director, Kirsten Sheridan, answers the question:

Is it true that Keri Russell had to learn how to play the cello in just a few weeks? How could she do it?

by saying:

It’s true. We had her playing Bach in 12 weeks and she had never picked up a cello before in her life. She basically went from “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to Bach. It was amazing.

Hmm. Anyone care to comment?

Reposted from November 2007